16 Health Benefits of Yoga – Strength, Sleep & More

Practicing yoga has proven to improve your core strength and quality of life

Yoga originated in India about 5000 years ago. It is an ancient form of practice that focuses on the unison of your mind, body, and spirit. Practicing yoga can offer you various benefits, which are even scientifically proven. Here are some of benefits of yoga.

16 Benefits of Yoga

1. Yoga increases core strength and flexibility

Benefits of Yoga Asanas
Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Practicing Yoga helps in toning your muscles while strengthening arms, legs, shoulders, and abs. Other asanas like halasan, navkasan, etc help in relaxing your body and imparting flexibility.

2. Helps you sleep better

Yoga Helps You Sleep Better
Yoga Helps You Sleep Better

Living in this fast-paced life full of hustles can get on our nerves. Practicing yogasanas enables our body to release the stress and encourage our mind to calm down. This lets us have a good night’s sleep

3. Yoga increases your Happiness manifold

Health benefits of yoga
Health benefits of yoga

Scientific research has revealed that practicing Yoga results in higher levels of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is widely known as “the happy hormone”. Benefits of yoga also include the ability to activate and affect areas of the brain that make you feel more content.

4. Yoga as a pain reliever

Be it headache or back pain: Yoga relieves it all! Regular yoga practice can reduce the discomfort and long term yoga practices are even shown to eliminate chronic pain. Benefits of yoga also include the ability to increase pain tolerance of the body.

5. Yoga makes you Smarter and more intelligent

Cognitive senses of the brain increase due to Yoga. A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health states that Yoga improves a person’s ability to think quickly and accurately while processing information. What’s fascinating is it also leads to structural changes in the prefrontal cortex of the brain which is associated with memory and attention. So, practicing yoga can make you smarter!

6. Yoga boosts immunity

It is not just a commonly accepted notion that Yoga improves immunity. It is scientifically proven that it helps in healing and enhancing the function of every cell in your body. It also enables draining lymph nodes and detoxifying the body, in turn, increasing the resistance of our body to catch diseases.

7. Keep your heart healthy by Yog-sadhana

Yoga has been reported to lower your heart pulse rate and decrease the blood pressure. The asanas help in strengthening your heart muscles which in turn boosts the efficiency and amount of oxygen supply to all the parts of your body. With better cardiovascular health, you can stay fit and keep heart diseases at bay.

8. Yoga improves your social life

Practicing yoga can give you a deeper view of the interconnections in life. It changes your perspective towards the world and helps you to connect with the community.

9. Yoga develops your internal strength

Yoga helps in gaining a sense of awareness and inner discipline.  It can help you change your life and stay firm on your decisions, to overcome inertia and change dysfunctional habits.

10. Yoga is an antidote for depression and anxiety

Scientific study suggests that people practicing regular yoga have higher levels of gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) in the brain. This elevated level of GABA reflects lesser chances of depression and anxiety.

11. Yoga helps you live longer

Practicing yoga every day helps you increase your metabolism and regulate overall body functions. A well-kept, healthy and fit body, devoid of ailments and diseases will naturally live longer. ‌ ‌Improved breathing is directly shown to expand your lifespan.

12. Yoga lets you look and feel younger than you actually are.

Studies have revealed that Yoga affects the body at a molecular level. It protects the telomeres of our chromosomes, which help in delaying the process of aging.

13. Yoga is a holistic approach to reduce and maintain weight

Yogasanas help in curbing the fat in your body while increasing your metabolism. It also regulates your eating habits. And thus, helps in reducing and maintaining those extra pounds.

14. Yoga boosts self-love and self-care

Yoga encourages feeling good from inside rather than outside. This sense of respect and love towards themselves professes self-love and self- care. So you get a chance to be better versions of yourselves.

15. Yoga instills deeper values

A peaceful mind with a strong body and positivity can instill a sense of self-confidence and self-awareness. Yoga can help people have a sense of comfortable solitude, and think in a better way. Compassion and acceptance with a better view of the world are the gifts that yoga presents to us.

16. Practicing yoga improves quality of life

Yoga has become a way of healing, providing much-needed therapy in this world. Imbibing a sense of satisfaction, relieving your body of ailments and imparting spiritual awakening, yoga improves quality of life.