20 George Washington Facts That’ll Surprise You

George Washington was the first president of the United States. He served for the post starting from 1789-1797. George had led the then forces to victory in the war for independence for the US.

20 George Washington Facts That’s Surprise You

1. The genius

George Washington Facst
George Washington Facst

George started with his schooling when he was 6 years old; however he soon had to quit his education since his mother lacked funds. Washington even as a child had been smart enough to be able to inculcate many values and traits.

2. The president who fought 

US President George Washington facts
US President George Washington facts

Washington is the only president who took charge on the battleground while serving his term in the office. On September 19, 1794, George led the forces on a month long march to the town of Bedford.

3. Victorious? Non-victorious? 

Though Washington lost more battles than he won, he still ranks as one of the greatest generals to ever have lived. Despite the fact that he committed major blunders, he was still able to keep up his shredded army together. He was able to keep up the flame of revolution.

4. General of the armies of US  

Washington had not only defeated the British forces but he had been able to establish a framework for the US forces.  Today, even centuries after his death nobody can outrank him. A law was also passed designating Washington as the highest ranking US officer of all time!

5. The financial crunch

George was out of cash very often. All his money was tied up in land holdings. When he had to relocate to New York to become the president, George had to borrow money. Despite having been going through such financial problems, he still refused to accept his salary as President.