20 Ridiculously Cute Dog Photos To Make Your Day

#18 is the Fastest Dog. Also a Bus company is named after it.

1. Are You a Dog Lover? Then You Will Love This List


The scientific name for dogs is Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris. Ya we prefer to just call them “cute dogs” – that is our scientific name.

2. Dogs have been kept as pets for thousands of years.


Dogs have been domesticated from as long as 10000-30000 BCE. No wonder we give them the term “man’s best friend.”

3. Have You Seen Dogs Sweat?


Apparently dogs sweat only between their paws. Amazing to think that for all the running they do they would sweat from head to toe, but scientifically it is known to only sweat between paws for some strange reason.

4. The Country with the Most Dogs is…

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United States, followed by Brazil and China. There are many non-profit organizationsthat are dedicated to ensuring dogs are treated fairly and looked after in the U.S and world over.

5. Dogs can sense shift in earth’s magnetic field


Dogs have 6 senses – smell, taste, vision, touch, hearing and can sense change in earth’s magnetic field. You have probably seen this portrayed in movies where dogs tend to bark before a earthquake, etc. Not sure how accurate it is, but they are known to act strangely when they sense a shift in earth’s magnetic field.

6. Dogs sense of smell and touch is amazing


It is almost 40 times better than the sense we humans have. The scents dogs use are called pheromones.

7.Dogs sleep a lot. By a lot we mean a crazy amount of hours.


Dogs sleep almost 10 hours a day on average. If you have a dog, does your dog sleep for 10 hours a day. We are talking mostly about pet dogs sleeping 10 hours a day on average.

8. The heaviest dog breed is the…


St.Bernard. You have probably seen this in the cartoon series Heidi and yes it is known to be a large working dog from the Swiss Alps and is found mostly in North Italy and Switzerland.

9. All dogs are the same in nature. We mean…


in terms of structure. All dogs share the same anatomical structure. They have the exact same number of bones and teeth. All dogs have 321 bones and 42 teeth.

10. The smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua.


The Chihuahua is known to have come from Mexico.¬†There are two varieties of Chihuahua – Long Coat and Smooth Coat. Isn’t the Chihuahua super cute? We think so too!

11. A Dog’s internal cooling system is related to its…


Nose. Yes, the longer a dog’s nose is the better it is at in terms of utilizing its internal cooling system to adapt itself to various weather conditions.

12. Dogs can detect sounds better than humans at a rate of…


30,000 times per second versus humans who can detect sounds only 20,000 times per second. This shows that dogs have a very keen sense of hearing and can be relied upon to hear far sounding noises not audible by humans.

13. Dalmatian puppies are actually born…


all White. They then develop the black spots a few weeks after birth. While we are accustomed to seeing them black and white in movies, TV shows and cartoons (who can forget the classic tale 101 dalmatians), they are super cute when they are born with just all white in color. Either way we love them.

14. Trainers can train a guide dog in about…


6 months. Guide dogs are so valuable in guiding people and it takes a lot of effort to train them to guide people safely and accurately. Dogs truly are a woman and man’s best friend.

15. The number of puppies born in the U.S every year is


Approximately 5 million. Yup, the number is huge and many families adopt new puppies or give it to family and friends. The U.S also has the highest population of dogs so no surprise that 5 million are born in the U.S every year.

16. Some Dogs can grow up to be very tall dogs



The tallest dogs are typically the Irish Wolfhound. They can be about 40 inches in height which is ridiculously tall for a dog. That is about 3.5 feet tall.

17. The Most Popular Dog Breed in the U.S. is



Labrador Retriever. They have a really good temperament among dogs and are loved by families all over especially in the U.S and U.K.

18. The Fastest Dog is


Source | By Adam.J.W.C. – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

the Greyhound. It can run up to 40 miles per hour which for a dog is ridiculously fast. Random fact – there is a popular bus service company in the U.S Greyhound as well.

19. A U.S President spent $15,000 by sending a destroyer to pick up his dog


Yup, the U.S President is Franklin Roosevelt. His dog Fala (Scottish Terrier) was stuck in the Aleutian island and reportedly spent $15K to rescue him. In today’s dollars that is about $200,000.

Source | By Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum – Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, Public Domain,

20. Dogs can be uniquely identified by their


Nose print. Yup, the print made by the nose can be directly tied to only a single dog and can be used in identifying a dog as a pet for a particular owner especially if confusion arises.

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