24 Simple Weight Loss Tricks That You Can Easily Start Doing

This Color Reduces Appettite and is Good. Find out in #16.

1. Eat Small Portions Throughout the Day


Eat small portions of food throughout the day. Consume more fruits and veggies while cutting down on Carbs. Many people wonder how eating small portions of food regularly throughout the day reduces weight – but it is none to condition into taking a lot fewer than intended. This is a combination of a physiological and psychological trick to reducing weight loss in the long term. Remember, dinner should be very light weight, breakfast should be heavy and lunch should be about average in terms of quantities so divide that up into maybe 6 overall food portions.

2. Lemon Water


Detox  your body every morning by mixing lemon juice in lukewarm water. Drink the mixture to give your body the quick cleanse it needs.This is known to reduce toxins in the body and not only helps relax the body, but keeps mind clean and positive.

3. Chew on Garlic


Soak four cloves of garlic in honey for 24 hours. Consume it the next morning to burn fat naturally. This should mould your body on the long run and is a natural way to burn fat. It has very few calories and is known to lower blood pressure and numerous other benefits along with the ability to reduce weight gradually and naturally.

4. Exercise


Do not underestimate the power of a good session of exercise, it is the only resource that can burn out large amounts of calories. Good exercise and a healthy diet makes perfect bodies. Those beautiful people you see on TV, put a lot of hard work into looking perfect. So can you!

5. Fitbit or a Wellness Wearable


Invest in a good FitBit, or other such tracking devices. It does help you to monitor your body in detail and you can easily identify problem areas in your lifestyle. A lot of these apps have a motivational component with a points system to reward you points and other things for people who regularly exercise. These apps are also free so download the one of your liking and start tracking it actively.

6. 12 Weeks


In only takes 12 weeks for your body to change significantly in order to show the effects of your daily exercise sessions. So keep at it, the goal is near.

7. YouTube Yoga


Yoga is a great way to tone your body and add flexibility. YouTube has hundreds of channels that teach different yoga workouts. So now you don’t have an excuse to not try Yoga. Subscribe to a good Yoga Channel after doing some research and making sure you found a YouTube instructor with a good vibe. Then follow that routine regularly and systematically.

8. Drink Water


Drink lots of water. Your body requires around three liters of water per day. Download an app to remind you to pace yourself and complete the water quota for the day. Water also works brilliantly because it fills your stomach and indirectly helps you consume lesser food. Simple and easy trick!

9. Write Down or Take Picture of What You Eat


Write down or take pictures of every bit of food, drink and snacks you consume in a day. It will help you understand problem areas in your diet and enable you to pace yourself in the diet.

10. Eat Only When Hungry


Some of us have fixed meal times, but eating food only when you’re hungry helps you stick to your diet. Sticking to this plan will help you elongate the gap between each meal time.

11. Go on a Diet Plan


There are hundreds of diet plans out there, from the Atkins to the GM diet. Pick a plan and follow through, a bit of self restraint helps when trying to stick to a plan. But the results are worth the discipline.

12. Pick Low Fat and Carb Options


Picking low fat and low carb options drastically decreases the amount of calories consumed in a day. The result is, you have less calories to burn out if you consume less calories in the first place.

13. Go on Medication to Expel Fat


There are many prescription and over the counter medication you can take to keep the fat off your body. If you consume a lot of fat in a day, popping a pill prescribed by your doctor will expel 30 percent of the fat from your body. Be warned, this option can be messy for the undisciplined eater.

14. Consume More Protein



Check out alternative grains such as pulses that are high in nutrients. Replacing your white rice with pulses and brown grains will make a world of change in your diet and overall health.

15. Walk for 45 Minutes


An increasing amount of research shows that body fat burns rapidly after thirty minutes of exercise. So don’t stop that treadmill at 30, but take it to 45 minutes and notice the difference. This should be a daily activity. If you go to work by car, park it a bit further away from your building so you walk and it all quickly adds up.

16. The Color Blue Reduces Appetite


Most fast food restaurants have blue walls, the color blue acts as an appetite suppressant. So buy some new blue plates and notice how well this trick works with your mind.

17. Cook Your Food With Spices


Bland foods makes a person hungry quicker than eating spicy food which satisfies taste buds and prevents hunger pangs from coming on for longer periods.

18. Count Your Calories


There are hundreds of apps in the market that will help you keep in track of calories consumed. All you need to do is enter the name of the food you consumed and the calorie estimation will be entered into the log. Such apps also tell you the exact amount of calories you need to burn to stick to your weight lose plan.

19. Smell Peppermint

Peppermint, Mentha piperita, Mentha x piperita is believed to be a hybrid between spearmint Mentha spicata and water mint Mentha aquatica. Commercial cultivation of peppermint began in England about 1750. English production peaked by 1850, after which American producers began to provide competition. The first peppermint commercial production in the United States was in the 1790s in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Peppermint is now produced commercially, mostly for essential oil production in Indiana, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Today, peppermint oil is valued as much for its therapeutic potential as it is as a flavoring ingredient.


The smell of mint is supposed to decrease hunger pangs. Some people chew on peppermint gum which is bad, since all that jaw activity only makes a person more hungry.

20. Pills to suppress appetite



There are pills that suppress one’s appetite, but your doctor will prescribe them only if you belong to the obese BMI’s. Consuming the pill and starving yourself is not an option, the goal of the pill is for you to teach your body healthy appetite patterns and not give way to binge eating.

21. Don’t Drink Juices or Eat Soups

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There are plenty of diets out there that recommend drinking huge amounts of fruit and veggie juices. Soup diets are a latest fad. But such diets don’t really help because it does not keep hunger at bay, since the liquids are quickly digested, making one hungry again. But eating fruits and veggies will enable the fiber to give you a feeling of fullness.

22. Fruits are High in Calories Too


Eating large amounts of veggies are always good for you, but fruits can make one bulk up because of the immense amounts of calories and sugars that are present. Look up a calorie chart before buying fruits. Banana’s are high in calories while watermelon have the lowest in calories.

23. Go on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements


Vitamins like Biotin helps your hair and nails grown healthy and long. Balancing your body with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals it requires will help you stick to your diet longer. Since a nutritionally balanced body remains balanced in all ways.

24. Drink Green Tea


Drink Green tea every time you feel a hunger crave come on, it will fill your stomach and also calm your senses. This again is a good trick to telling your body and mind to eat a lot less than usual.